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How to Start a Weed Delivery Service

The weed industry has already experienced significant growth, and this trend is projected to continue as legalization spreads. The global legal marijuana market was worth more than $9 billion in 2020, and it is predicted to grow to $91.5 billion in the next seven years. And, as many businesses discovered during the initial COVID lockdowns, customers desire (and, in some cases, require) the convenience of having things delivered to their front door. As a result, weed and local delivery are a match made in heaven. However, knowing where to begin and how to get your delivery business up and going can be tricky.

Steps to start a Weed Delivery Service Business

  • A Cannabis Delivery business plan is a tool for understanding how your company is built. It may be used to track progress, keep oneself accountable, as a sale and recruiting tool to attract potential investors and expand your firm, and, of course, to apply for a weed delivery license.
  • Starting a cannabis delivery service eliminates the need to lease or purchase an expensive store to put your product in. However, you will still require a location that is large enough, safe enough, and legal enough to keep everything. Keeping your merchandise safe while it's in storage isn't the only time you'll need to think about security. Make sure that you have adequate merchandise to fulfill all anticipated orders. Investigate the present need in the area you intend to serve. Knowing this information will assist you in estimating how much weed product you require.

Learn the rules and restrictions that govern how much product you can store and how much you can deliver at one time.

  • You'll need a robust, dependable, and secure car that completely complies with any state regulations governing the use of a vehicle for business purposes, as well as vehicle registration requirements in general:
  • Capable of securing (locking) weed products during transportation.
  • Outfitted with an alarm system; and
  • Temperature-controllable if perishable weed items are being transported.

Keep in mind that some of the patients who are physically capable of traveling to a dispensary choose to employ a delivery service since it gives them more privacy.

  • Many people who use weed delivery services do so because they are their only alternative, especially if they suffer to the point that traveling to a real shop involves a massive effort. Even though your business makes life easier for both of them and you, you must still register them as you would any other type of cannabis business. Please work with your local physicians to build relationships that can lead to referrals, keep the necessary registration documents on hand, and don't forget to verify their medical cannabis license.
  • Because weed is illegal under federal law, state governments and online advertising platforms impose stringent restrictions on how businesses can sell their goods.

Google, Facebook, and Twitter all have advertising policies that prohibit the marketing of cannabis sales. Ads that advertise "substances that affect the mental state for the purpose of recreation" are prohibited by Google's policy. Facebook prohibits the use of "illegal, prescription, or recreational drugs." Twitter also prohibits the usage of "illegal narcotics" and substances that provide "legal highs." Instagram and Facebook have gone a step further by banning cannabis-related company pages.

Five Cannabis-Infused Drinks to Enjoy this Fourth of July

Independence Day is the first major holiday of summer and you deserve to relax! What better way to chill out than to sip on a refreshing THC-infused or CBD-infused beverage. We gathered a list of five delicious cannabis-infused drinks that pair perfectly with your BBQ. (While cannabis is legal under Colorado law, consuming it in public — even if it’s in a drink — is not.)

Keef THC Beverages

What started as a small Colorado-based company is now available in California, Nevada, Michigan, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica. Keef cannabis-infused soda and sparkling water are perfect for your holiday fun! Try the cannabis-infused Original Cola or Orange Kush soda.

Available at Pure Medical Dispensary.

Weller CBD Sparkling Water

Weller can be found in many grocery stores and other independent retailers in Colorado. With 25mg of broad-spectrum CBD, this can of sparkling water makes it easy to unwind after a long week. We highly recommend the CBD Sparkling Water Watermelon. It's the perfect summer drink!

Available at grocers, independent retailers, and online.

Dram Apothecary

Dram is well known for its award-winning CBD-infused sparkling beverages. Each can contains 20mg of CBD and adaptogens which are used to relieve physical and mental stress. Seltzer flavors include lemongrass, ginger grass, sweetgrass, and its staple Beauty Bubbles — a refreshing blend of rose water and bilberry. All of these flavors mix perfectly with your Independence Day vibe.

Available at boutique grocers like NOOCH Market and online.


Are you a THC and CBD beginner? Then this one's for you! Colorado-based company Stillwater created Ripple for beginners to feel safe during their first experience. The dissolvables contain a balanced dosage of THC or CBD and are flavorless. Its CBD product, Relief, comes in 10 individual packets, each containing 20mg of CBD and less than a milligram of THC. Mix it with your food or drink choice, and it takes effect within 15 minutes.

Available at local dispensaries.

Backyard Soda

Are you switching to CBD or THC-infused drinks because you're not an alcohol drinker? That's exactly why Backyard Soda was created! When you want to be social at your friend's BBQ party this Independence Day but don't want to feel pressure to drink alcohol, grab a Backyard Soda instead. The company produced a line of sodas infused with Colorado-sourced CBD syrups. Each can contains 15 mg of full-spectrum CBD. Flavors include mango-jalapeño (yum!), lavender-lemon, and ginger-lime.

Available at local shops like RiNo Liquor, Little's Wine & Spirits, and online.

Weed delivery in Denver, CO | FAQs

Recreational cannabis is coming to Denver this summer! We bring your favorite strains and products from the best local dispensaries and cannabis brands right to your doorstep, on-demand.

It's easy, it's fast, it's legal (and it's free).

We're answering your questions about recreational cannabis delivery in Denver.

Where We Deliver

Grn Bus is launching this summer in Aurora and Denver, CO (sign up here to be the first to know when we launch). We'll deliver your favorite cannabis products at a great price from dispensaries in the Denver and Aurora residents who are 21+ with a valid, government-issued I.D. In the coming weeks, we'll let you know which dispensaries we're partnering with so stay tuned!

Cannabis Delivery - Denver FAQs

What Do You Need To Know Before Placing Your First Order?

You must be at least 21 years old with a valid, government-issued I.D. and a Denver, CO resident to order cannabis on Grn Bus. Only home deliveries within Denver city limits are allowed, and only one delivery per household per day is permitted by state and city regulations

How Does Weed Delivery Work?

Buying cannabis is now as easy as ordering your groceries or takeout and you can do it from the comfort of your own home. Grn Bus partners with local, licensed dispensaries to bring their best cannabis products directly to your doorstep. 

Browse dispensaries and shop the best cannabis products available in your area at www.grnbus.com (sign up here to be the first to know when we launch). Create an account or log in at checkout. Select your delivery time and add your government-issued ID number. Once your order is successfully placed, you'll get an order number. Need help with your order? Click the purple message icon at the bottom right corner and we'll help you asap.

How Much Weed Can I Order?

Per Colorado state regulations, the purchase limit for recreational cannabis products is 1 oz (28 g) of THC per day. That's the equivalent of 8 g of Concentrate (wax, resin, etc), 1 oz (28 g) of cannabis flower, or 800 mg of THC-infused edibles. You can mix and match but keep in mind these legal limits. 

Currently, only debit cards are accepted for payment. Please have your government-issued ID and debit card ready when your driver arrives. 

Where Does Grn Bus Deliver?

We offer home delivery of the best, local recreational cannabis products from licensed dispensaries to Aurora, CO residents of legal age. We hope to expand our service area soon, as regulations allow. 

Who Are Your Dispensary Partners?

Our dispensary partners will be announced in the coming weeks! Follow us @grnbus to be the first to know.

What Are Grn Bus Hours?

Grn Bus delivers from 8am - 12am daily, with the option to schedule same-day and next-day delivery if you're ordering outside of those delivery windows. We also have express delivery that delivers within 15 minutes.

How Do I Pay For Weed Delivery?

Only debit cards are currently accepted, with payment made at the time of delivery by your delivery driver. 

Do You Have An App?

We don't have an app yet and legally as a cannabis company, all orders must come through our website. If you have an iPhone, visit www.grnbus.com in Safari, click the “Share" button, and select “Add to Home Screen". 

How Can I Stay Updated On Grn Bus News, Promotions, And Deals?

Sign up at www.grnbus.com to be the first to know when we launch and follow us @grnbus for exclusive access to the latest products, news, promotions, and deals.

Top Cannabis Strains for Stress and Anxiety

It's no secret that cannabis can significantly reduce short-term levels of depression, anxiety, and stress. In this recent study, researchers found that two puffs of any type of cannabis was sufficient to reduce symptoms of anxiety.

Not all cannabis is equal. Different strains of cannabis produce different effects. So, what are the specific cannabis strains for stress relief? Read on to find out.

Krishna Kush

Enjoy Krishna Kush when you need help relaxing after a hard day or if you're having a difficult time falling asleep. 

This indica-leaning strain is perfect for those nights when your brain won't shut off and no amount of breathing exercises help. Just a few puffs and you'll be able to fall asleep and wake up well-rested the next day. 

Sold at Pure Marijuana Dispensary.

Godfather OG

This is a strain you can't refuse (see what we did there?). 

Godfather OG is a potent indica marjuana strain made by crossing XXX OG and Alpha OG. This is the go to strain if you're looking to relieve pain and insomnia. The flavor profile is spicy and kushy, with undertones of subtle grape. If you have a low THC tolerance then you should only smoke Godfather OG in small doses due to its high THC levels, which hover around 28%. 

Deep Sleep

The name says it all. This indica-dominant hybrid quickly reduces users to a puddle of sleepy relaxation. 

Deep Sleep is very sweet and fruity on the inhale with a nice OG funk on the exhale. 

3 Tips For Concert Goers At Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Whether you're a Colorado native, visitor, or transplant, attending a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre is probably on top of your list of things to do this summer.  

Make sure you're in good health before you go. Red Rocks Park sits at over 6,000 feet in elevation and you may literally have to climb hundreds of stairs to get to your seat, but the experience is definitely worth the effort.

We gathered the top three tips to help make your concert experience the best one yet!

1. Wear sunblock, stay hydrated and eat food

Generally, it's a good rule of thumb to wear sunscreen during your entire visit to Colorado. Each year, Colorado gets 300 days of sunshine so lather up the sunscreen!

Remember that Red Rocks sits at over 6,000 feet in elevation so it's important to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, especially if you'll be drinking alcohol.

Finally, eat food! Make sure you aren't attending a concert on an empty stomach. Nobody likes a hangry person at a concert.

2. Don't be late and know where to park

Double check your GPS, decide what time you need to leave, and give yourself an extra 30 minutes. There's plenty of traffic during the week and weekends so it's better to give yourself some extra time so you aren't rushing!

Know where to park! There are several parking lot options at the venue. There are five parking lots, and the staff will guide you to the closest one with available space as you pull into the park. 

If you're looking for the least amount of walking, the Upper Lots are ideal. They also fill up the fastest, so get there early to find a spot. Wear comfortable shoes if you park in the Lower Lots because they require walking uphill. Bring an extra beverage and allow more time for the walk into the venue if you end up in a lower lot. 

3. Know where to find the best cannabis deals

Weed is legal in Colorado, but smoking in public is NOT legal so if you plan on smoking, do it at the afterparty. Make sure to purchase weed before the concert because Grn Bus stops deliveries at midnight.

Since you already purchased the concert tickets, dinner, hotel, alcohol (or kombucha), you're probably looking for cannabis deals. Make sure to check out Grn Bus because we will always have the best deals for you and your friends, plus we deliver to YOU so you don't have to add time to your day at the dispensaries.

Now grab your water, tickets, and sunscreen and have a concert-filled summer!

Top 3 Recreational Dispensaries near Aurora for May 2021

If you aren't a regular cannabis shopper, finding the right greenery can be overwhelming. For your ganja shopping pleasure, we’ve rounded up the top three recreational dispensaries in Aurora. Find featured strains, top deals, marijuana-infused ice cream, and more, so you can get to lighting up and chowing down on the best THC-infused strains and treats. Not feeling up for an in-person experience? Each and every dispensary on this list offers pre-ordering options so you can stock up safely due to COVID-19. 

Pure Marijuana Dispensary Colfax

5702 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80220

Pure Marijuana Dispensary East Colfax is the best value for Top-shelf high-quality flower, concentrates, pre-roll joints, and edibles. The staff is very knowledgeable about their products and can help you craft the experience you are looking for. They have a the best deal for every day of the week like "Wednesday - Buy Any One Thing, Get One Half Off" or "Thursday - 25% off all Edibles + Drinks + Apparel + Accessor"

COVID-19 Protocol: Everyone must wear a mask, including staff. Online ordering is available. Pick up your order in-store.  Delivery coming soon through Grn Bus This dispensary practices social distancing and the space is sanitized regularly. 

Altitude The Dispensary

10455 E. Colfax Ave., Aurora, CO

Altitude East Colfax goes above and beyond for the customer experience. The staff focuses on your daily goals so they can provide you with the best cannabis for your specific needs. Top-shelf flower is available at all times as well as edibles, concentrates, and pre-roll joints. If you're looking for edibles, Altitude carries 3Js Hice Cream, homemade ice cream infused with marijuana. Flavors include mint chocolate chip, strawberry cheesecake, and peanut butter chocolate. Find daily deals here every day of the week, from BOGO 50% off Kodo Edibles and Monday through Friday, 2 pm to 4:20 pm, happy hour specials including 10% off your flower, and buy 2 and get the 3rd edible 50% off. If you're around on Tuesday, stop by for "Twax Tuesday" and get single grams for $20 out the door or 8 grams for $120! So swing by this dispensary for a dope shopping spree.

COVID-19 Protocol: Everyone must wear a mask, including staff. This dispensary practices social distancing and the space is sanitized regularly. 

Star Buds Aurora

10100 E. Montview Blvd., Aurora, CO

Star Buds is home to a top-notch selection of strains, including their signature award-winning sativa. You'll want to check out their wide variety of popular concentrates, edibles, tinctures, and more. This dispensary gives customers the most comfortable experience and cuts out the part we dislike most when buying weed - waiting around in a lobby before we can view the products. At Star Buds, you can walk right in, take your time, and one of their expert staff members guides you through a lit experience. They also have a special going on every single day of the week (yep, Monday through Sunday) so no matter what day you find yourself at Star Buds, there's a special deal for you. 

COVID-19 Protocol: Everyone must wear a mask, including staff. Staff gets their temperatures checked. Online ordering is available. Pick up your order in store. This dispensary practices social distancing and the space is sanitized regularly. Safety dividers at checkout.


16821 E. Iliff Ave. & 503 Havana St., Aurora, CO

Lightshade's two locations in Aurora are perfect for both residents and visitors to Aurora. 

While you're checking out the food scene on historic South Havana Street, stop by Lightshade Havana along the way. As spring approaches and the days get warmer, this location has their garage doors open and music playing so you can get some fresh air while browsing one of the most comprehensive selections of premium weed products available. If you're new to the dispensary scene, don't be intimitated. With the best budtenders and the "Find Your Balance" flower categorization system, you'll be sure to find exactly what you want. Not into flower? No problem. They also carry topicals, transdermals, edibles, drinks, wax, concentrates, and more. They offer online ordering and pick up in store.

Lightshade Iliff is conveniently located with experienced and knowledgeable staff who spend as much time as you need to get all of your cannabis-related questions answered. Lightshade's proprietery Balance categorization system makes selecting the perfect strain a breeze. The Iliff location also carries topicals, transdermals, edibles, cannabis-enhanced drinks, tinctures, wax, concentrates, and accessories. Additionally, they have the option to pre-prder online and pick up in store. 

COVID-19 Protocol: Everyone must wear a mask, including staff. Staff gets their temperatures checked. Online ordering is available. Pick up your order in store. This dispensary practices social distancing and the space is sanitized regularly. Safety dividers at checkout.

Social equity licenseed and locally owned in Colorado

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