Five Cannabis-Infused Drinks to Enjoy this Fourth of July

Independence Day is the first major holiday of summer and you deserve to relax! What better way to chill out than to sip on a refreshing THC-infused or CBD-infused beverage. We gathered a list of five delicious cannabis-infused drinks that pair perfectly with your BBQ. (While cannabis is legal under Colorado law, consuming it in public — even if it’s in a drink — is not.)

Keef THC Beverages

What started as a small Colorado-based company is now available in California, Nevada, Michigan, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica. Keef cannabis-infused soda and sparkling water are perfect for your holiday fun! Try the cannabis-infused Original Cola or Orange Kush soda.

Available at Pure Medical Dispensary.

Weller CBD Sparkling Water

Weller can be found in many grocery stores and other independent retailers in Colorado. With 25mg of broad-spectrum CBD, this can of sparkling water makes it easy to unwind after a long week. We highly recommend the CBD Sparkling Water Watermelon. It's the perfect summer drink!

Available at grocers, independent retailers, and online.

Dram Apothecary

Dram is well known for its award-winning CBD-infused sparkling beverages. Each can contains 20mg of CBD and adaptogens which are used to relieve physical and mental stress. Seltzer flavors include lemongrass, ginger grass, sweetgrass, and its staple Beauty Bubbles — a refreshing blend of rose water and bilberry. All of these flavors mix perfectly with your Independence Day vibe.

Available at boutique grocers like NOOCH Market and online.


Are you a THC and CBD beginner? Then this one's for you! Colorado-based company Stillwater created Ripple for beginners to feel safe during their first experience. The dissolvables contain a balanced dosage of THC or CBD and are flavorless. Its CBD product, Relief, comes in 10 individual packets, each containing 20mg of CBD and less than a milligram of THC. Mix it with your food or drink choice, and it takes effect within 15 minutes.

Available at local dispensaries.

Backyard Soda

Are you switching to CBD or THC-infused drinks because you're not an alcohol drinker? That's exactly why Backyard Soda was created! When you want to be social at your friend's BBQ party this Independence Day but don't want to feel pressure to drink alcohol, grab a Backyard Soda instead. The company produced a line of sodas infused with Colorado-sourced CBD syrups. Each can contains 15 mg of full-spectrum CBD. Flavors include mango-jalapeño (yum!), lavender-lemon, and ginger-lime.

Available at local shops like RiNo Liquor, Little's Wine & Spirits, and online.