What To Do If You Feel Too Stoned

Save this article just in case you accidentally get too high.

We've all been there - you didn’t wait for that cookie to kick in before eating another or you took one too many hits off a joint. Now you're very high and maybe feeling paranoid or very uncomfortable. Don't freak out! There are ways to help you feel grounded. 

Tricks to help yourself feel grounded

  • Stay hydrated - A common side effect is a dry mouth so slowly sip some water. Slowly drinking the water keeps your mind focused on the task instead of your symptoms.
  • Go for a walk - Move your body! Try doing some light stretches or go outside for a walk. Some fresh air can help clear your mind.
  • Distract yourself - Watch a silly movie, take a shower or bath, meditate, or listen to music. Distract yourself with something fun or a mundane task.
  • Black peppercorn - Stop and smell the black peppercorns. Yes, really. Studies show that black peppercorn contains terpenes that have relaxing properties. Read more about terpenes here. 
  • Lay down - If you feel tired, try laying down or going to sleep.