How to Become a Weed Delivery Driver in Colorado

Intro - Are you part of the great resignation? Here's how to become a weed delivery driver.

First, let's go over the job description. It's pretty straightforward, really. Besides the obvious of picking up cannabis at the dispensary and driving to the customer, you must work within MED compliance standards (more on that later). No car? No problem! We provide the car and fuel so all you have to focus on is providing an excellent weed delivery experience for customers.

"With great weed comes great responsibility." That's the quote, right? Well, it should be. Yes, there are quite a few responsibilities of being a weed delivery driver. They include but are not limited to:

  1. Provide professional and friendly customer service
  2. Maintain accuracy of sales transactions, collect payments
  3. Check and verify photo IDs
  4. Deliver a wide variety of items to different addresses
  5. Follow routs and time schedule
  6. Follow all MED regulations and safety standards

Does this all sound good? Great! Now, let's get to what the qualifications are to be a weed delivery driver. 

You're required to have a Colorado MED employee badge and a valid driver's license. You can't get a job in cannabis if you don't have a MED badge so it's very important to obtain one! We have an in-depth article on how to get your MED badge here. Don't worry! It's only four easy steps.

Other qualifications include experience handling money and POS systems, strong communications skills and attention to detail, excellent organizational skills and time management skills, comfortable driving in inclement weather, and experience as a delivery driver is a bonus but not required.

Apply by sending an email to

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